About Us

Our practice is limited to the defense of Southern California workers’ compensation claims. We are veteran attorneys and have been through every legislative reform since the 1990s. We have a fundamental understanding of how the system evolved and years of experience in dealing with certain elements that make Southern California claims so challenging.

We are serious about our work and well known at every WCAB in Southern California. We have a reputation of integrity and understand the importance of communication, response time and mitigation of litigation expense through expeditious file closure. We are also aggressive litigators and not afraid to try cases when necessary. We have obtained numerous defense verdicts at trial and have been responsible for multiple Applicant convictions of workers’ compensation fraud. We strive to provide exceptional service, value and results.

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Greenup, Hartston and Rosenfeld


Settlement/Early Resolution

Most claims don’t get better with age. Identifying those cases that may be susceptible to early resolution is key to controlling costs.


There is an old adage; you try the cases you can win, and settle the ones you can’t. Do you have a winning case? If so, we are ready to take it to trial.


Workers’ Compensation is a constantly evolving system; “Best practice” today may be “worst practice” tomorrow. We tailor the training to your needs.

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