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Settlement/Early Resolution

Most claims don’t get better with age. More than ever, identifying those cases that may be susceptible to early resolution is key to controlling costs, including medical, medical-legal, indemnity, and litigation expense.

Any case can be settled, but we have the experience and understanding to apply the right pressure, at the right time, to close your cases at the right value.

Reasonable settlement should be attempted at every stage of the proceedings, from the opening analysis, to the deposition, the MSC and even at trial, but throwing money at the case is not always the right strategy.

Do you have a set of mass layoff claims, or claims that might be subject to consolidation? We can provide a clear and forceful strategy to develop the necessary record and assert control of these complicated situations. We are also available to handle mass settlement conferences.


There is an old adage; you try the cases you can win, and settle the ones you can’t. Do you have a winning case? If so, we are ready to take it to trial.

We will put together the necessary evidence, and prepare the necessary witnesses, to put on an effective defense. We will be MORE prepared than the other side.

Do you have a question about your current litigation strategy in a particular case? We are available to review the facts and the law, and provide a comprehensive review and set of recommendations. We can help.


Workers’ Compensation is a constantly evolving system; “Best practice” today may be “worst practice” tomorrow. Our partners bring more than 60 years of combined experience, and are dedicated to keeping up on the latest developments. We are happy to share that knowledge, whether it’s a 1-hour update, or an all-day program, we will tailor the presentation to your specific needs.

Programs in 2017 included strategies for dealing with abuse of the QME process, attacking fraud/claims mill practices, case settlement strategies, creative C&R and Stipulation preparation, proper payment of awards, MPN enforcement, petitions for removal & reconsideration, and the latest case law decisions.